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Ana Calderon, LMT

Massage Therapist Bend OregonAna received her education at COCC by completing their associates program in Massage Therapy. Her interest in body work started while she was in high school at the start of her journey of self-development through athletics. Her interest in body mechanics was sparked and she has never ceased to be fascinated by the body's ability to change, adapt, and improve. Shortly after high school, Ana’s first-hand acquaintance with massage started when she experienced the amazing benefits and change that can happen within the body through massage. She then chose to focus her studies on the body and massage therapy.

Ana brings a detailed, balanced, and clinical approach to her work by blending several massage modalities to restore balance to the soft tissues. Not surprisingly, she focuses on the body regaining balance and efficiency through therapeutic massage techniques such as Deep tissue, Trigger point therapy, Sports massage therapy, Myofascial release and Swedish relaxation massage.

She is native to Oregon, and was born and raised in Hood River. Ana loves the outdoors and being in the sunshine as much as possible. When she is not at work, she enjoys being active and continually working on her personal development through a balance of strength training, running, Pilates and Barre. Her hobbies include Latin dance and Capoeira, eating extremely well, and enjoying good music.

Julia Mitchell, LMT

Bend Massage TherapyJulia Mitchell was born and raised in Alaska. Over the years she's also lived in Texas and Massachusetts. While in Texas Julia completed a Bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. She then spent the first part of her career working for a higher education software company, in Boston, MA. In 2014 Julia realized that she longed for a change of pace and enrolled herself at Sage School of Massage in here in beautiful Bend. She graduated in June and came to work for Wellness Doctor in the fall of 2015.

Julia is passionate about working with clients to restore balance and peace with in the body. She strongly believes that the body has been designed to heal itself, if the opportunity and space is allotted by the individual person. Julia sees massage as a great avenue to provide that space and to help retrain the body in what it needs to be doing.

In her time away for the office Julia loves to spend time with her large extended family and her friends that are the family that she has chosen. Julia enjoys spending time outdoors, regardless of the season, making Bend a perfect fit! She grow up skiing (nordic and alpine), snowboarding, swimming and playing soccer. In her 20’s Julia dabbled in running, completing a ½ marathon, a few 5k road races, a couple 12+mile obstacle course races, and two triathlons, sprint and Olympic distances. In the last 3 years Julia has gotten in to Crossfit, she loves the community, Olympic lifting, and building all over strength, mental and physical.

Cory Bradish, LMT

Central Oregon Massage TherapistCory was born and raised on the Oregon Coast and moved east to Bend in 2010. During her 8 years of experience as a Dental Assistant she discovered her passion to help others and desire to continue her education of the human body.

Cory became interested in more holistic approaches to helping people through pain and stress relief, helping to increase mobility and encouraging others to reconnect with their bodies. This newfound motivation led her to East West College of Healing Arts to study Massage Therapy. Her current modalities include Swedish and deep tissue massage, Shiatsu, Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release.

Outside of work, Cory's interests include hiking, camping, yoga, finding rocks by the ocean, live music, dogventures, discovering fun new hobbies, and spending time with her many nieces and nephews. She is excited to take on new challenges and continue to find ways to help people.

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