Shin Splints and Massage

Much can be addressed by our sports massage specialists who focus in the treatment of many athletic and sports injuries when it comes to the treatment of shin splints. As most of the cases we see in regards to shin splints involve a sudden increase in mileage. Whether walking or running, increasing mileage too fast or not having enough recovery in between often lead to this repetitive stress injury. This can also be commonly seen with individuals running or hiking a lot of hills.
So what causes shin splints? Typically irritated and swollen muscles due to this “overuse” is the main culprit. In some cases for those running longer mileage on pavement may be ultimately dealing with “stress fractures” causing tiny breaks in the bones of the lower legs or feet (these cases are typically sent for X-Ray’s or a Bone Scan). Faulty biomechanics are also common contributors for shin splints due to flat feet or overpronation. Strengthening weak stabilizers in the feet, lower legs, hips and core are often recommended and in some cases custom orthotics may be an option for recurrent episodes.
The good news is, WE CAN HELP! As treating the area of pain in the lower leg will certainly be addressed, our massage therapists will also focus on several other areas of the lower body which may be contributing to the underlying cause. In many cases, specific exercises and foam rolling techniques may be recommended in conjunction with soft tissue treatments.
Our Chiropractic Sports Physicians have also had great success in treating this specific condition as well as other muscle or tendon injuries through Graston Technique or Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage (IASTM) techniques often in conjunction with ultrasound and kinesiotaping.

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