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Ketogenic Diet

Whether you're interested in the idea of a ketogetic diet for weight loss reasons or for more serious conditions such as cancer or warding off Alzheimer's disease or cognitive decline, our Nutritionist Cassie has spent years working with individuals in this area.


Her husband, Dr. Kremer, has personally been on a ketogetic diet for nearly 2 years and Cassie has cycled off and on the diet for various reasons over the years. When followed properly, a balanced Ketogenic diet has been shown to improve cholesterol levels, inflammatory markers, hormone levels, mental clarity and focus, overall improved energy, reduced food cravings and body composition. Some studies suggest a balanced ketogenic diet can also be beneficial for certain forms of cancer as well as autoimmune conditions.

Your consultation with Cassie will include:

  • Body Composition Assessment
  • An individualized Ketogenic diet plan with macronutrient breakdowns focused on your goals
  • Tips and tools for dietary tracking (very important when beginning a ketogenic diet)
  • Recipe Ideas
  • Supplement suggestions for increased success and overall health
  • Basic exercise recommendations
  • Ketone and glucose measurements

We have in-office plans available for those in Central Oregon as well as phone/email correspondance for those outside of our area.