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Paleo Diet Done Right

While a Paleo Diet is quite a drastic change from the USDA dietary recommendations, it makes sence that a whole-food diet that is void of the inflammatory foods (like gluten and dairy), chemicals, additives, and hormones has become so popular. This new lifestyle movment focuses a great deal on the optimal health and ability to thrive and ward off disease vs the USDA guidelines which focuses largely on the economy including the food industry and agricultural influences such as the wheat, soy, corn, and dairy industries. It's no wonder that a Paleo diet is the foundation of most practitioners practicing Functional Medicine.

We take a much more individualized approach at Wellness Doctor in Bend Oregon. Our Nutritionist often provides an individualized Paleo or whole foods dietary approach for those just wanting to eat and live better as well as those who have skin conditions, autoimmune diseases, elevated cholesterol, or hormone imbalances. It's pretty amazing what taking out high lectin foods like legumes and grains can do for making weight loss easier, reducing digestive complaints, and improving cognitive function.

Paleo Diet Bend Oregon Nutritionist