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Hidden Ingredients in Your Food

Written By Dr. Jason Kremer on April 14, 2020

Bend Oregon NutritionistHave you noticed that even the simplest and healthiest seeming foods out there can still have loads of unknown chemicals and preservatives written on the nutritional label? Take simple dehydrated beef or "beef jerky". One would think, "Sure, there's probably beef and salt to preserve the jerky and give it a longer shelf life.", right? Surprisingly, sugar is often the third ingredient after beef and water. To make matters worse, not only are you messing up any chance of ketosis by thinking you're chowing down on straight up protein, you're also putting wheat and soy into your diet. This can be very devastating to someone with Celiac Disease, gluten sensitivity, or a wheat or soy allergy. 

Now, anyone who works with Cassie and I regarding Functional Medicine or Nutrition, should know that soy and wheat are the first foods to be eliminated (including dairy), to lessen the body's inflammatory burden which drives so many of today's health concerns. From autoimmune conditions, thyroid dysfunction, chronic fatigue, brain fog, and weight gain all the way to cancer- Inflammation stemming from diet, stress, poor sleep, and other environmental factors NEEDS to be addressed and dealt with when addressing all of today's health concerns. 

In this prior "From the Doc" Paleo Magazine column, we discuss the difficulty of sticking to a healthy diet when traveling and/or eating out while on the road. Just another reminder to check labels before assuming something is healthy. 

For a healthier jerky (for example), simply opt for organic and nitrate/nitrite free AND soy and wheat-free, which can be easily found in most health food stores. For a safe bet regarding other foods, stick to fresh organic whole foods whenever possible. 

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