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Restaurant Review - La Rosa's, Brookswood Plaza

Gluten-free menu - Was there a “gluten-free” menu available

I don’t believe there is a gluten-free menu available at this location, however in the 10+ times that we've dined at La Rosa's in Brookswood Plaza, my wife and I have always had great luck ordering and receiving out gluten/dairy free meals. The staff always seems to be knowledgeable and eager to make sure that our meal arrives exactly as we’ve ordered.

Service -
Rather than base this review off of one particular visit, I’m basing it off of our overall experience with this restaurant. My wife and I have been to La Rosas on Brookswood a number of times (it is near our home and has become one of our go-to places when we don’t feel like cooking). We’ve always had excellent service at this location. The staff is fun, friendly and knowledgable about the various menu items.


I typically ask my server what is safe and what isn’t prior to ordering my gluten/dairy free meal. I believe the mole sauce is unsafe, as are the flour tortillas. Regardless of which server I have, they are always great at recommending which gluten/dairy free options I can go with as well as what to avoid and they always make sure to let me know that the chips are gluten-free when they place them on the table (they have a designated gluten free fryer!).

Safety of Food-

I have not had an opportunity to inspect this kitchen, however I feel confident about the safety of the food for those with gluten/food allergies. After numerous visits from my wife and I, this restaurant has never messed up our orders! No croutons on salads, no flour tortillas mistakenly served in place of corn, no melted cheese covering my “dairy-free” entrée- these guys are on top of things!

Taste and Cost/Serving Size
Taste is always great- fresh and authentic. Cost/serving size is also good. I feel that you definitely get your money’s worth.

Overall Experience -
If you’ve gotten this far in this review, I’m sure you can guess that overall experience, in my opinion, is great. We like this place so much we decided to have our Holiday Office party here in January 2015. La Rosas gave us the whole upstairs to ourselves and served a large tray of gluten/dairy free enchiladas as well as salad/taco bar that was safe for the gluten-free staff members but still tasty for the rest of the staff. I give La Rosas on Brookswood 5 stars.