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Cassie's top 25 Favorite Costco Finds!

Here are my top 25 favorite low-carb and super healthy products found at our local Costco here in Bend Oregon. These options are great for everybody following a Ketogenic, Paleo or low-carb diet as well as those just looking to eat a little healthier (while saving money). Enjoy!

Power Greens

Bend Wellness

Great for smoothies or a nutritious high fat salad! If using for keto smoothies, one simple trick is to stick this entire bag right in the freezer when you get home. It'll prevent the greens from spoiling before you can use them all and will add a great (frozen) addition to your keto smoothie! For salads, top with Salami, Hemp Seeds, Avocado, Bacon, Sauerkraut, and a healthy salad dressing or check out my awesome Green Super Sauce in my recipe section of our sister site (!


Bend Wellness

No need to buy these organic as they have such a thick skin (but it is a good idea to wash before using). Store in the fridge to keep them from turning brown too quickly and just pull out a couple at a time to ripen on the counter as you need them (and don't forget to stock up on frozen avocados, also found at Costco... keep scrolling to learn more).

Beretta Organic Salami

Bend Wellness

Another awesome low carb snack (enjoy with olives or avocado slices) or toss this is on your salad for a quick keto-friendly meal.


Bend Wellness

Did you know Costco carries Sauerkraut?! This is found in the refrigerated section between the meats and cheeses. Sauerkraut is awesome for supporting healthy gut flora. Use this to top salads and save the liquid to add to salad dressings in place of vinegar. This large container will cost about what you'd pay at Whole Foods for a jar about 1/3 this size!

Rumiano Organic Cheddar Cheese

This particular brand comes pre-sliced for an easy low carb snack. I've found it also makes it a little less tempting to overeat when its already sliced into an appropriate serving size.

True Story Chicken Sausages

These sausages make a great last minute meal! Fry them up with some zucchini, asparagus, spinach, green bell peppers, mushrooms and/or red onion for a quick breakfast stir fry or add them to riced cauliflower for a quick skillet dinner (check out my Pizza Pile recipe on my recipe site!).

Teton Waters Ranch Sausages

Bend Wellness

Another awesome sausage option. Grass-fed, free of nitrites and nitrates and absolutely delicious! These also come in mini size! Great for camping or a last minute lunch or dinner option.

Kirkland Brand Wild Caught Salmon

This is a favorite in the Kremer home! Combine with a healthy Mayo (keep scrolling to see my recommendation) and chopped pickles, sauerkraut, dijon mustard and a few pinches of dill. Enjoy as is or serve with cucumber slices for a great meal or snack that the whole family is sure to love.

Sardines in Olive Oil

I've found that people either love or hate sardines but my in family, we are definitely sardine people (even our 1 and 3 year old children devour these). Sardines are loaded with calcium and healthy fats from the olive oil and also provide a solid serving of protein in an easy to transport (and open!) container.

Kirkland Brand Almond Butter

Bend Wellness

Costco has a great deal on a big ole jar of almond butter. If you're still using peanut butter, I highly recommend making the switch to almond butter (peanuts are higher in carbs and tend to be high in toxic molds. Yuck!). Side note- For those who enjoy almond products on a daily basis, I highly recommend making an effort to rotate ingredients such as almonds and coconut to avoid developing food allergies to these commonly-enjoyed foods. If you suspect you might already be dealing with food allergies, we offer food allergy testing at our office as well as simple tools to assess how your body is responding to certain foods. Schedule an appointment with Cassie or Dr. Kremer to learn more!

Macadamia Nuts

Costco carries the best deal on macadamia nuts that I've found! AND they taste A-Maze-Zing! Be careful with these little guys though as 10 of them pack 200 calories so if you're still watching your caloric intake too many of these tasty low-carb nuts can get you into trouble.

Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo

Many healthier mayos will cost you $8 for a jar about 1/3 this size! Costco carries these large jars for about that price (this goes great with the canned salmon above!)

Hemp Hearts

Bend Wellness

High in healthy fats and protein! Hemp hearts are a great addition to a healthy salad or smoothie.

Almond Flour

Looking to do some keto baking? You'll want to stock up on this almond flour! Its a great deal!

Organic Canned Coconut Milk

Organic coconut milk makes a great addition to that keto smoothie or homemade ice cream.

Organic Chia Seeds

Have you tried chia pudding yet? Click Here for my recipe! (Kids love this stuff!). Add in some Hemp Hearts (found above) for an extra dose of protein.

Organic Ground Flaxseeds

These are loaded with fiber and are awesome for baking. They also make a great egg replacement for those with egg allergies.

Avocado Oil

This is a great high heat oil for cooking!

Chia Oil

Chia oil is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids! I don't recommend cooking with this oil but it's mild flavor works well in homemade salad dressings and no-bake fat bombs.

Olive Oil

Bend Wellness

While olive oil makes a great base for those healthy salad dressings, many varieties have a strong flavor that can overpower a dressing or other dish. This is a great mild-flavored olive oil.

Organic Riced Cauliflower

We can't get enough of this stuff in our home! For a quick low carb dinner add some riced cauliflower to a skillet, toss in some chopped sausages (see above) then stir in a couple tablespoons of the avocado mayo above and you've got yourself a tasty low carb meal in less than 15 minutes! We also like to add in things like onion, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, chopped celery, and fresh herbs.

Frozen Avocado Chunks

Frozen avocado! Why its taken so long for this to become a thing is beyond me but I'm so glad its available now! Great for tossing in smoothies or making a quick healthy dip.

Organic Ground Beef Patties

Frozen organic ground beef patties- Another great last minute dinner staple to have on hand.

Hemplers Uncured Bacon

Bend Wellness

Uncured (nitrite and nitrate free!) bacon! Comes in a two pack for endless bacon possibilities.

Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk

Bend Wellness

Organic unsweetened almond milk. Has about 1 gram net carb per serving. No need to refrigerate this (until opened) so its another great staple to have on hand to add to smoothies or to make one of my favorite desserts Creamy Gelatin (recipe calls for coconut milk but almond milk can also be used).