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My Thoughts on the Keto Diet- Is it for Everyone?

It's always interesting to watch diet fads come and go. From low fat to Adkins to the South Beach, Paleo and now the recent explosion of the high fat, low carb Ketogenic Diet craze. I personally think it is great that people are willing to experiment with new ways of eating, preparing and even thinking about food; as the only way to truly understand which diet is best for your body is to experiment with different foods and protocols.

My family jumped on the Ketogenic diet back in 2016 when my husband entered a Ketogenic Diet Trial to see if this low carb protocol would be beneficial for his rare form of (conventionally "untreatable") Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. While he was already in great health at the time of starting the program (except for that pesky cancer of course), in the first 6 months of being on the Ketogenic diet we watched as his bloodwork dramatically improved, energy skyrocketed (and he was already quite energetic before!), mental clarity increased and overall health increased. His Onocologist stood by in awe and, while he knew/knows very little of the Ketogenic diet, encouraged my husband to "just keep doing whatever it is you're doing". I do want to note that he was also utilizing Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna and PEMF Therapy (both services we offer at our clinic), exercising daily, practicing stress management and including a variety of high quality supplements in addition to the Ketogenic diet. More on cancer-specific dietary and supplement recommendations can be found Here.