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Dining gluten-free or dairy-free in Bend or Central Oregon?Restaurant Education

Are you a restaurant owner or manager seeking assistance and education around meeting the ever-growing needs of those with food allergies and sensitivities? At Wellness Doctor, we are passionate about educating the community on the significance of food allergies, Celiac disease, and gluten sensitivities.

Those in the food service industry are often the first line of defense in preventing cross contamination of foods being served to the community. However, it seems that those preparing and serving the foods are often the least educated when it comes to food allergies, Celiac disease, and gluten sensitivities. It’s no wonder that the majority of unintended gluten and food allergen exposure occurs in restaurants, cafes, and other eateries!

If you are a restaurant owner or manager seeking help with educating your servers, cooks, chefs, and other staff about the significance of food allergies and ways to prevent cross contamination of allergens the Wellness Doctor team would love to help. Dr. Kremer and Lifestyle Educator Cassie will personally come to your place of business to educate employees about:

  • The significance of food allergies/celiac disease/gluten sensitivities and what it means to those who have these food-related disorders
  • Specific foods and ingredients that often contain common allergens and possible substitutions to cook with
  • Ways to prepare food to avoid cross contamination of allergens

A note from Dr. Kremer

“Having a number of patients with Celiac disease, gluten sensitivities, dairy allergies, and other food related disorders, I am eager to develop relationships with restaurants who are looking to put themselves a step ahead of the rest by becoming educated in the field of food allergens. Having a wife (Lifestyle Educator Cassie) with a severe gluten intolerance and both of us with dairy allergies, its often a chore (and a risk) for us to eat out in our community. We have developed our Restaurant Education program because we want to develop a list of restaurants that we can dine at and refer patients to without the fear of cross-contamination.”

A note from Cassie Kremer

“After being diagnosed with a severe gluten intolerance, our social life really began to suffer as I was nervous about eating away from home in fear of coming in contact with gluten. Typically when my husband (Dr. Kremer) and I do eat out I just bring my own meal to the restaurant to avoid the hassle that can come with ordering to meet my specific dietary needs. On the rare occasions when I do eat at a restaurant, I often find myself so worried about how my food is being prepared that I can’t fully enjoy the dining experience. Dr. Kremer and I have developed our restaurant education program so we, and others like us, can enjoy the many wonderful restaurants in our community without worrying about our food allergies and sensitivities.”

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