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Swanwick Sleep Glasses aka "Swannies"!

We are now proudly affiliated with Swanwick Sleep Glasses!

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Are you striving for better, deeper more restful sleep? Do you have trouble falling and staying sleeping at night? Did you know that looking at blue light from your cell phone, TV screen, computer, bathroom and kitchen lights, alarm clock and countless other sources can actually prevent your body from producing the Melatonin responsible for sleep and wakefulness? Bascially, staring at these screens or exposing the body to various forms of blue light (as we may be doing now) tricks our bodies into thinking it’s still daytime. This means we don’t produce as much melatonin and thus struggle to fall and stay asleep at night.

For those struggling to fall and stay asleep at night, we strongly recommend blocking these harmful blue lights; ideally with the use of blue light blocking glasses. After trying various versions of blue light blocking glasses, we finally discovered Swannies! In addition to being functional and comfortable, Swannies come in a variety of styles for the whole family! Check out the pictures below and feel free to click on the images to shop now!

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We are proudly affiliated Swanwick Sleep Glasses! Stylish Blue-ray blocking glasses for Adults and Children! Great for use at night or when spening hours in front a television or computer screen! Click here to shop now!