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Cold & Flu season is here! Time to prepare!

It comes every year. The runny nose and congestion, the cough, and that irritating sluggish
fatigue keeping you from working or participating in holiday activities. The CDC reports flu virus
are most common during the fall and winter, with peaks between December and February.
Adults average 2-3 colds per year.

When it comes to cold and flu season, there are three type of people. 1) The Prevention
Preppers whom take handfuls of immune boosting supplements and perhaps get the flu
vaccine; 2) The Sorry Risk Takers whom don’t prepare and end up sick in bed; and 3) The Lucky
Ducks whom also do nothing to prepare but dodge the cold and flu viruses all season. What
category do you fall under this year?

Don’t be a Sorry Risk Taker, you have options! This is especially important if you will be around
vulnerable populations, babies, pregnant women, the immune compromised and adults ages 65
and above. My goal as a naturopath is to promote prevention in health care. In addition to
stress management, eating healthy, botanical and nutritional supplements to help boost your
immune system, I am offering FREE IV consultations with 15% off your first Myers Cocktail IV
infusion at the Wellness Doctor now through January 31 st , 2019. You won’t find a better deal!
A Myers Cocktail is an intravenous vitamin infusion. The combination of B vitamins, vitamin C,
calcium and magnesium has been used to enhance the immune system since the mid-1900s for
many conditions including upper colds, flus, fatigue, sinusitis asthma, anxiety, chronic pain, and

The Myers Cocktail is a great elixir to prevent colds and flus, but it also works as an acute
treatment when you already feel sick. If you experience symptoms of runny nose, nasal
congestion, fever, cough, fatigue, the Myers Cocktail may be the boost your immune system
needs to kick that cold out the front door! Call to make an appointment and take advantage of
this great deal! Call (541) 797 – 0167 to schedule.

Wishing you a holiday season of health and wellness,
Dr. Ching