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The Summer Season

Written By Matthew Truhan, LAc on July 11, 2019

The Summer Season

The summer season started two days ago with the summer solstice. It is the Yang season with longer days, shorter nights and abundant energy; the season of expansion, growth, activity and creativity.

In Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, the summer is the season associated with the element fire and the fire organs of the Heart, Small Intestine, Pericardium, and the Chinese organ called the Triple Burner. The emotion of the season is joy, and the sound is laughter.

The Heart is closely related to our mental activities: emotional well-being, thought processes and general mental activity. This makes summer the best time to cultivate joy and pacify our spirit. When in balance, the mind is calm and sleep is balanced; when out of balance, we may be either depressed or have too much joy, or may be filled with nervous anxiety or insomnia.

It is important over summer to be cautious of over consumption of heavy, greasy foods, as they engender more heat within the body. During the summer season, eating in moderation, and increasing the intake of salads and cooler foods, will help keep the excess heat evil out of the body and maintain balance with summer season.


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