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Naturopath Bend Oregon

Janell Payne, ND

Naturopath Bend OregonUsing a functional medicine approach, the challenge to uncover the underlying cause of their illness is what continues to drive Dr. Payne’s passion for her work. She considers it a privilege to see patients who have exhausted their options for healing in the conventional healthcare model.

Dr. Payne’s desire is to hear the whole health story of her patients and this approach provides a clear advantage. Each part of the patient story provides insight in what may be the underlying cause of illness. Truly integrative, she employs a blend of the best of conventional medicine with evidence based alternative therapies.

Special interests include persistent chronic infections including Lyme disease, Borrelia, and Bartonella, immune dysregulation, mast cell activation syndrome ( MCAS ), neuroimmune disorders such as PANDAS / PANS, mold toxicity, environmental exposures, fibromyalgia, Morgellon’s, and breast implant illness. She is an outspoken advocate for her patients and will go to great lengths to see that her patients get the care they need and deserve. She also has a desire to stay on the forefront of the research, even before it is published.

Dr. Payne enjoys spending time with her husband, 3 children and 2 dogs while gardening, going on long walks, or spending time on the boat at the lake. This year she hopes to learn how to wake surf, those kids make it look so easy.

Dr. Payne received her medical degree from National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. She attained a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Oregon University and taught school in a small Eastern Oregon town before returning to school to become a Naturopathic Doctor.

Please call 541-797-6346 to schedule with Dr. Payne.

Natural Medicine Naturopath Bend Oregon