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Massage Therapist in Bend Oregon

Stefany Beall, LMT

Massage Therapist Bend Redmond LaPineStefany Beall received her Associates of Applied Science degree in Massage Therapy from COCC in 2010. She is passionate about treating chronic pain and has done extensive training in deep tissue and spa treatments. Therapeutic Massage or Sports Massage are typically what are frequently requested at Wellness Doctor and Stefany excels in both styles. In her years of work she has developed a calm relaxing deep tissue experience for each patient.

Stefany is the lead massage therapist at Wellness Doctor and is also a Certified Chiropractic Assistant (CA). She assists our Chiropractors with patient flow, the setup and treatments of physical therapy modalities, and with active rehab regarding therapeutic and rehabilitation exercises.

Stefany has proven to be a keystone member of the Wellness Doctor staff and has been a true team player since day one. She has a sincere passion for helping patients get well are return to a pain-free life. In her spare time she loves to hike, do yoga and nature photography.

Anne Marie Boelter, LMT

Anne Marie is a Central Oregon native. Her life started in Warm Springs and settled in Madras, where she grew up. Her teenage years took her to Portland, where she would go on to get her Bachelor of Science in Health and Fitness Promotion at Portland State University. She completed her degree in 1992. Her degree was a combination of Exercise Science and Community Health. Anne Marie has had a passion for healthy eating, exercise, staying active and establishing a lifestyle of health and wellness. In 1994, Anne Marie enrolled in East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon. Immediately, Anne Marie found her calling and knew that she had entered a profession that connected with her belief system and natural attraction to kinesthetic, hands on work and started her LMT career in 1995.

Anne Marie is the mother of two amazing, artistic and cherished daughters. They are both grown and living in the Portland / Vancouver area. She shares her life between two different continents. Anne Marie began sponsoring children in Africa in 1988. She had a calling to serve in Africa from her early teenage years. In 2015, her dream came true and she found herself in Uganda exploring and discovering what had been calling her heart all her life. The sense of community, sharing life together and fulfilling a lifelong dream brought meaning and purpose that changed the course of her life forever. In 2019, Anne Marie married her Ugandan love and now the two of them will find their way to balance life between two worlds. Anne Marie has a Ministry in Uganda, serving orphans, widows and vulnerable families. Her main focus is in Northern Uganda where she has become a mentor and mother figure to hundreds of Ugandan youth and young adults who have had a lifetime of battles facing poverty, trauma, disease, war and the all too common circumstances of becoming orphaned or widowed.

In 2002, Anne Marie returned to Central Oregon when Sunriver Resort opened Sage Springs Spa. Anne Marie was the lead LMT there for 14 years, prior to resigning and moving to Uganda in 2017. Since Anne Marie returned to Central Oregon, she balances her work between Sage Springs and Wellness Doctor. Anne Marie enjoys the positive team members and wellness approach at the Wellness Doctor. She enjoys the connection she builds with her clients and feeling more apart of the Bend Community. Anne Marie has been practicing massage since 1995 and still loves what she does. Sharing the human connection, nurturing her clients and being present for them in that moment they share is what she loves most. Anne Marie has studied multiple modalities in her years in the industry but enjoys Deep Tissue and Swedish massage as her foundation. She focuses and responds to whatever she finds during each massage. She has no set agenda or way to do bodywork, it is more about helping the client with whatever is present in that moment. She is incredibly happy that she found a career that sustains her and brings great meaning to her life. Each client is a gift to her day!

Cory Bradish, LMT

Central Oregon Massage TherapistCory was born and raised on the Oregon Coast and moved east to Bend in 2010. During her 8 years of experience as a Dental Assistant she discovered her passion to help others and desire to continue her education of the human body.

Cory became interested in more holistic approaches to helping people through pain and stress relief, helping to increase mobility and encouraging others to reconnect with their bodies. This newfound motivation led her to East West College of Healing Arts to study Massage Therapy. Her current modalities include Swedish and deep tissue massage, Shiatsu, Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release.

Outside of work, Cory's interests include hiking, camping, yoga, finding rocks by the ocean, live music, dogventures, discovering fun new hobbies, and spending time with her many nieces and nephews. She is excited to take on new challenges and continue to find ways to help people.

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