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Auto Accident Pain Relief

Natural Pain Relief

The body's response after an auto accident results in muscle spasms, inflammation, and PAIN. The typical trip to the ER or Urgent Care will likely result in X-Rays and possibly further imaging as well as a prescription for Muscle Relaxers and Pain Medications. Although we may be a bit biased regarding Natural Pain Management, we are in the midst of an Opioid Epidemic. Obviously, pain pills is not the best solution, however, with more severe injuries and post surgery these medications can be beneficial for a "short" period of time.

Wellness Doctor in Bend Oregon offers several Natural approaches to pain management and supporting the body's healing process, especially after an auto injury. Our team of Chiropractors, an Acupuncturist, and Massage Therapists can streamline your care after an auto accident or sports injury to get you back to pre-injury status- FAST.


When we are in an accident, the resulting injuries to the muscles, joints and mind are considered in Chinese Medicine to be injuries to the channel or meridian system. The pain experienced from these injuries is due to the lack of movement, or stagnation, of the Qi and blood that should be traveling smoothly through the meridians. Depending on the severity of the stagnation, heat can be produced (inflammation), and there is a lack of movement of fluids that can result in swelling.

Though the use of conventional care, through pain medication and muscle relaxers, can be beneficial short term, they are not addressing the underlying injury. These therapies do not affect the build up of adhesions or scar tissue that can lead to longer lasting pain. These therapies do not help the body mechanics recover from the compensation patterns formed due to pain. These therapies can not help the mental effects of an accident that can occur: anxiety, insomnia, emotional instability.

Pain relief through Chinese Medicine involves the use of acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, Tui Na medical massage, and Chinese herbs to help heal the meridians and ensure the flow of Qi and blood is smooth and full; smooth flowing Qi means less pain. Acupuncture can help to clear heat, addressing the inflammation, and by increasing circulation, it is an effective way to address joint swellings. These therapeutic techniques, however, also address the underlying injury, breaking up the build-up of adhesions and scar tissue. Without the hindrance of the adhesion build-up, the muscles, ligaments and tendons are able to return to their normal, free movement. The techniques are designed to help restore balanced function to the body as pain levels, inflammation, and swelling are reduced. And just as important as the physical symptoms, acupuncture can help balance the mental processes of the body, helping with insomnia, anxiety or other issues of the mind that may be affected by the accident.

Natural pain management is easy to accomplish at The Wellness Doctor. With practitioners to help with structural (chiropractic), muscular (massage), or energetic (acupuncture) dysfunction, we can help balance the entire body after an accident and have you feeling better faster!