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Preparing for CBS Health Assessment

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You will recieve an email from our office which contains a link to the actual test. Before you begin, you'll be prompted to review instructions and details regarding steps for taking your cognitive assessment, as well as how loong the assessment will take.

To ensure your assessment results are as accurate as possible, here are several tips to be mindful of before and during the tests.

Upon reviewing the instructions, you will continue on to the tutorial for the first test. You can repeat the tutorial multiple times to ensure you're comfortable with the test instructions

Before Starting

  1. Reduce Distractions- Do your best to give your full attention to the tests. Whether you're at home or at the clinic, ensure that your surroundings are calm and quiet, and put your personal devices on silent mode.
  2. Familiarize Yourself with the Tests Before Starting- Complete the interactive tutorials to ensure you understand the rrules of the test before you begin. If you feel you've missed somthing in the test instructions, or aren't comfortable proceeding past the test tutorials, you can re-take the test tutorial until you're ready.
  3. Get Comfortable- This is a test for your brain so it shouldn't be hard on your body. Find an environment that is as comfortable as possible, and adjust your chair and screen so you are in the position that feels most natural.
  4. Be Consistent from Test to Test- Take the tests in the same environment every time. Do your best to control for external variables, such as time of day and hours slept the night before.
  5. Don't Overthink It- Think of the assessment like having your blood pressure measured. It's just a measurement, not a test. If you answer a few questions incorrectly during your assessmenet, that is to be expected. Don't let it discourage you- keep on going and try to maintain your focus throughout the duration of the assessment.

Lastly, during your next follow-up appointment we will go over the test result with you and address any further concerns. Again, these results will allow your practitioner to quantify the core elements of cognition and track your cognitive trends over time, validating that dietary or lifestyle modifications are having the desired effects, or allowing you to detect episodic changes to your cognition.

Cognitive Function Testing at Wellness Doctor in Bend Oregon for Concussion, Head Injury, Dementia, Alzheimers, Brain Health, and Cognitive Decline.