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ART (Acoustic Resonance Therapy)

Far Infrared Sauna at Wellness Doctor

Acoustic Resonance Therapy (A.R.T.) utilizes sound and vibration to promote healing and relaxation in the body. Actually feeling the music we hear can create physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony in the body by stimulating the sense of feeling. Utilizing ART with Infrared Sauna therapy can provide a natural and healing environment for a number of concerns and ailments. Even those wishing to maintain optimal health can benefit from A.R.T.

A.R.T Benefits

  • Balances heart rate and blood pressure and increases circulation
  • Reduces chronic muscle tension and aids in the managment of pain
  • Energizes and uplifts emotional well being and mood
  • Enhances creativity, communication, performance and problem solving
  • Reduces stress and provides relief from symptoms of Autism and PTSD

Frequently Asked Questions

What is A.R.T.?

ART  Bend WellnessAcoustic Resonance Therapy (A.R.T.) promotes relaxation and healing through the use of sound and vibration. Listening and feeling the music symotaniously allows the body to naturally relax into the harmonic flow, thus allowing the body to reset and return to its natural state of being.

Our brains are constantly in communication with all systems of the body by sending sending and receiving signals from the skin, bones, muscles, nerve cells, hormones, etc. The stress hormone can limit this communication, eventually inhibiting proper functioning of the immune system. Thus, by staying in a constant state of stress, our ability to fight disease is impared. By relaxing into a state of peaceful istening, we are able to stimulate endorphins that promote balance in the body's communcation.

Acoustic Resonance Therapy helps stimulate the natural relaxed state of body and mind. It balances our brainwaves and restores the body to a natural restored state of being.

How is A.R.T. beneficial?

Listening to music and feeling it resonate in the body promotes awareness of the tensions in the body. With musical harmonic resonance, the body will relax stressed muscles and joints. By resonating with the calming vibrations, the brain activates neuro-pathways helping create mental focus and stable heart rate.

Over 90% of the chronic diseases in the world today can be linked to stress. In today's fast-paced society most don't make time or even know how to relax. A.R.T is a simple tool to promote quick, safe, and easy relaxation to trigger the body and mind's natural healing proceses. Regular relaxation tools such as A.R.T can help:

  • Enhance creativity and problem solving abilities
  • Replace negative thought patterns with more positve and useful habits
  • Reduce stress

Numerous integrative medicine studies have reveals that simultaneously increasing awareness of sense and feel in the mind and body naturally strengthens the immune system. This awareness creates energy. The fields of acupuncture, massage, cranial sacral practices and somatic therapies all use this as a foundation of their practices.

How is acoustic resonance therapy incorporated into the sauna?

The technology created So Sound Solutions™ creates soothing vibrations in the sauna. So SoundHearts® provides sound waves that create a musical massage that bring peace and balance to the body and mind. Located in specific locations in the sauna, the So Sound System uses an amplified audio signals to bring waves to the hard surfaces of the sauna. Feeling these vibrations stimulates the body to promote natural relaxation and harmony.

SO Sound Testimonials

"This product is wonderful for children like AJ. His DX include: Microcephaly, Cerebral Palsey, Seizure Disorder, and Sensory Integration Issues. Prior to the SoSound Bed it took hours to get him to sleep. Then, once he went to sleep….he did not stay asleep. The So Sound Bed that we have received for AJ has been the best piece of equipment we have EVER received for AJ. The first night my husband and I put AJ in the So Sound Bed he was asleep in less than 5 minutes. We looked at each other and said “No Way!” The second night, and the third night was the same way. Six months later….the results are the same. We are so astounded at the results – even today. We play a CD all night, and the vibration soothes him, calms him, and obviously keeps him asleep. From birth sleeping issues have been a primary issue with AJ. He is now nine, and for the first time in his life he sleeps all night – ALMOST EVERY NIGHT. He seems rested in the morning, and I really believe this will help him even progress more than ever! Thanks to your product, we have at least a 75% chance at all of us getting a good nights sleep at the McHaney House."
— Tracy McHaney, Mother of AJ

"We truly believe this is going to help our guests reach a state of relaxation (and maybe even reflection and healing) that would be very hard to reach with just touch therapy alone. To say I’m excited about this doesn’t even begin to cover it. I think we are fundamentally going to change the concept of spa!"
— Jim Root, Chairman of ISPA

"Patients are more relaxed and are resting better. Hospitals environments can be somewhat noisy at times and the So Medbed provides a personal musical sanctuary for patients to “escape” into, buffering them from all the activity around them."
— John Sackett, CEO Avista Hospital

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