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Bend Weight Loss Center

Here at Wellness Doctor in Bend Oregon, we strive to offer a different approach to weight loss. While many weight loss centers promote crash diets, gimmicks, expensive pre-packaged meals, and/or drastic low calorie plans. We address each patient individually based on their health history, goals, and likes & dislikes. With more of a Functional Medicine approach, we look for the underlying issues contributing to weight gain, make the appropriate corrections, then create the right diet for YOU!

Weight Loss Bend Oregon

While those pre-packaged meal-based plans might work for some people temporarily, the problem with this approach is that patients fail to be educated around the proper way to cook, prepare food, plan meals and mindfully consider food choices. This approach often promotes drastically-low calorie recommendations that just aren't sustainable and ultimately only result in short term success.

On the topic of low calorie weight loss diets, our goal at Wellness Doctor is to get patients away from drastic low calorie restrictions, yo-yo style of dieting and all other unhealthy and unmaintainable eating styles. Oftentimes this means actually encouraging patients to increase daily calories (with a guided approach) in order to wake up the metabolism, take the body out of "survival mode" and allow weight loss to occur (this can't happen on a prolonged overly restrictive diet).

Drastic dietary approaches are not ideal for long term success; they simply aren't enjoyable or maintainable. Rather than relying on these, we promote a balanced approach to weight loss, developed around each individual's eating habits/preferences, schedule, family life, goals and personal triggers. For some, this nutritional guidance may may involve implementing a ketogenic approach, for others it could be more of a Mediterranean style of eating and others may find success with a Paleo style of diet. We're all unique, with different likes, dislikes, habits, goals, histories and genetic makeup; thus the diet should be different for each patient! At Wellness Doctor, we strive to help each patient understand what the ideal diet for them is, and then help them implement and maintain this way of eating.

Weight Loss Clinic Bend

Whether you just need a little guidance and a push in the right direction or you are dealing with significant food cravings or unhealthy eating habits, we would love to help you with your weight loss journey!