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Functional Medicine and Nutrtion Prices in Bend Oregon

Functional Medicine Fee Schedule

  • Initial Functional Medicine (FM) Consultation with Dr. Kremer. (60 minutes): $350
    • -Now includes 1 hour Initial Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation with Cassie Kremer-
  • Office Visit or Phone Follow-up with Dr. Kremer (30 minutes): $90
  • Lab Order Appointment Fee for New Patient (60 minutes): $110
  • Lab Order Appointment Fee for Existing Patient (30 minutes): $60
  • Lab Review Fee: $60

Nutrition Fee Schedule

  • Initial Nutrition Consultation (60-90 Minutes): $150
    • -If required: For additional Functional Medicine evaluation with Dr. Kremer- Add $200
  • Comprehensive Nutrition Follow-up (45-60-Minutes): $75 (applies to returning patients who havent been in within the past year)
  • Lab Review and Plan $75 (Food Allergy Testing, SIBO testing, and basic tests)
  • Basic Nutrition Follow-up Visit 30-Minutes (may include BIA testing): $60
  • 6 visit package (available only after completing initial consultation) $330

For Patients Needing Added Accountability/Patients Outside of Central Oregon

  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching (optional)- $99/month (3 month minimum)
    • Includes 1 physical check in per month as well as unlimited email support
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching (optional)- $75/month with 12 Month Commitment
    • Includes 1 physical check-in per month via office or phone
    • Unlimited email communications
    • Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching options require Initial Nutrition Consultation

** Pts can submit to insurance, but we do not bill directly for Nutrition or Functional Medicine**