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Food Allergies and Sensitivities

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Have you recently been diagnosed with a food allergy or sensitivity? The process of eliminating certain foods, food groups and ingredients from one's diet can be daunting! Our Nutritional Counselor can help you (and your family) take the guesswork out of eliminating food allergies by providing one-on-one guidance, meal plans and training for reading labels and deciphering ingredients.

While Gluten is probably the most common food sensitivity that we see today, it isn't uncommon for people to find that they react to everything from almonds to eggs, or even whole food groups like Dairy. Reactions to these ingredients can range from digestive issues to eczema, hives, congestion, frequent infections, brain fog and inflammation (to name a few).

For those patients who suspect that they are reacting to a food or ingredient but aren't sure what it is, we can help with this too! We offer an array of laboratory tests that can help us determine exactly which foods (and food groups) are causing your issues. While Laboratory Testing often provides clear answers for food sensitivities, some patients may opt for an elimination diet instead. While this process does include more troubleshooting than a simple Laboratory test, it is non-invasive, less expensive and (when done properly) can provide some very helpful information around the foods that we're eating on a daily basis and our corresponding symptoms.

Parents with young children- While eliminating foods in our own diet is challenging enough, this process can be even more complicated in children with selective tastes and palates. Our Nutritional Counselor Cassie is the proud Mommy of two young children and is experienced with the process of eliminating and substituting foods in children's diets. Give us a call today to get started 541-318-1000.

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