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Pre-Participation Evaluations (PPE)

Attention Student Athletes: Wellness Doctor is Offering PPE's!

What are the goals and objectives of the Pre-Participation Evaluation?

Sports Medicine Athletic Physicals Bend OregonThe goal of the PPE ( or sports physical ) is to screen and help maintain the safety and health of our student athletes. It is not meant to single out and exclude athletes from participation but to assure safe participation. If not cleared, most athletes can be redirected to another sport or rehabilitated with corrective exercises or supports.

Primary goals of a PPE:

  1. Screen for conditions that may be life threatening or disabling.
  2. Screen for conditions that may predispose to injury or illness.

Secondary goals:

  1. Determine general health.
  2. Serve as an entry point to the healthcare system.
  3. Provide an opportunity to initiate discussion on health-related topics.

Why Choose Wellness Doctor for your required PPE or Sports Physicals?

Sports Physicals Bend Oregon Sports MedicineDr. Kremer has been an athlete from the time he walked out on a wrestling mat at age 5. After a successfull 16 year career in several styles of wrestling, he became very interested in the nutrition and sport specific training required to excell in all sports. He recieved a Bachelors in Exercise Science and Nutrition at Central Michigan University and took a focused track in Cardiac Rehabilitation. After three years of working in Cardiac Rehab at Saint Mary's Hospital in Grand Rapids Michigan and furthering his clinical skills in the monitoring of EKGs, dececting arrythmias, and evaluating other cardiopulmonary risks, he ultimately wanted to work more with the Preventative side of healthcare. With some research on furthering his education, Chiropractic with a focus on Sports Medicine and Nutrition was such an obvious choice at this point.

After four more years of Graduate school at the University of Western States in Portland, he continued on with one more year of post-graduate schooling to become a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP). Shortly after moving to Bend, Dr. Kremer provided Sports Medicine support at several of the local sporting events and volunteered at The Center with performing large group Pre-Participation Evaluations. Today, a large percentage of his patient population are athletes both young and old from the elite to the weekend warriors.

Offering Pre-Participation Evaluations in a one-on-one setting with plenty of time allowed for questions and a thorough history and exam is only one reason you should choose our office. We also offer the treatments or therapies young athletes may need at some point during their athletic career. This makes for a great way to develop a relationship with a doctor who specializes in sports injury prevention and treatment.

Important for Parents

  • It's important for parents to review the history form prior to Dr. Kremer reviewing it.

A complete history that the athlete’s parents have reviewed will discover approximately 75% of problems affecting athletes.

  • We do have a Nutritionist who works with kids and their parents for any dietary guidance regarding sports performance or just eating healthier as a family.
  • We do offer Body Composition testing for determining and tracking body fat and lean body mass.
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is our secret weapon for speeding the recovery time of sports injuries. This is one of our many modalities used to safely get our athletes to return to play. PEMF therapy is also very effective with head injuries and concussions.
  • An athlete who has had multiple or severe concussions needs a detailed history of the concussions. It may be useful to obtain a baseline cognitive function evaluation for these individuals. For contact sports a baseline cognitive test may be a good idea for a comparison after a concussion as well.

We offer Cognitive Testing through Cambridge Brain Sciences

concussion testing

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