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PEMF is Cellular Exercise

Cellular Exercise, is simply exercise at the cellular level and the term stems from the research of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. When Cellular Exercise occurs, an exchange takes place, the cells are stimulated to pump out waste and allow for fresh nutrients and oxygen to enter – a process similar to how your heart and lungs circulate oxygen and expel carbon dioxide while you exercise. Areas of injury or pain tend to have cells with a lower overall charge.

Think of cellular exercise as a new fitness program, with you as the personal trainer. Would you go to the gym after being inactive or injured and immediately run five miles or lift heavy weights? Would you only go to the gym once a week and walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes? No, you need to start at the right pace for your physical needs – Cellular Exercise is no different.

A Deeper Understanding of Cellular Exercise (excerpts taken from the book Healing is Voltage by Jerry Tennant, MD)

Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, author of the book Healing is Voltage states: “The cells in the body are designed to run at -20 to -25 millivolts. To heal by making new cells, we must achieve -50 millivolts. We get chronically sick when voltage drops below -20 millivolts.”

“When voltage drops below -20 millivolts, we get chronic pain. In addition, oxygen levels drop since they are controlled by the voltage level. Thus, chronic disease is always defined by low voltage.”

Several bad things happen when voltage drops. The obvious one is that cells do not have enough “energy” to do their job. Another is that they don’t have the ability to get rid of toxic waste, which begins to accumulate. Pain is simply a symptom of low voltage. As Tennant states, we can correct it by restoring the voltage.

Bend PEMF Therapy

How your cells can naturally recharge:

  • Earth’s magnetic field
  • Exercise
  • Spring water – water direct from the earth, not processed
  • Unprocessed raw food
  • And now, with a fourth way, Cellular Exercise (PEMF)

Summary of Cellular Exercise

Cellular Exercise is based on the principles of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy and is the application of pulsed magnetic fields to the entire body and areas of issue. Exercising the cell in this way allows for an exchange of fluids. Toxins are expelled, and fresh minerals, nutrients, and water enter the cell – resulting in optimal health and cellular function.