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Nutrition for Cancer

This is an area that requires a great deal of improvement within the conventional medicine model. Having personal experience with cancer, Cassie and her husband Dr. Kremer have spent years studying the effects of diet on various forms of cancer. While we tend to encourage all patients "eat like we have cancer" for general prevention, for many the act of cleaning up one's diet and lifestyle doesn't happen until after a diagnosis. For patients hoping to prevent cancer and other disease as well as those currently battling this disease, Cassie can help lay out a diet focused on optimizing nutrient intake and decreasing inflammatory and potentially carcinogenic foods and activities. Nutritional therapy can also be extremely helpful for patients after undergoing therapy to replenish and rebuild the body.

Cancer Nutrition and Ketogenic DietCassie Kremer and her husband Dr. Jason Kremer have seen firsthand the lack of focus often given to cancer and cancer patients. Patients are often encouraged by doctors to "eat whatever they want" as long as they don't lose any weight while undergoing chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or radiation treatment. Potentially beneficial practices such as intermittent fasting or even a ketogenic diet are rarely discussed. Even the simple act of swapping highly processed, sugar loaded foods for unprocessed whole foods is skipped over as many providers instead spent appointments stressing the importance of immediate (and oftentimes extremely aggressive) treatment options. One will notice just how little attention is given to diet among the cancer community upon visiting a cancer treatment center. In the main area you'll find patients receiving their infusions of chemo or other therapies, and in the kitchen area you'll find everything from processed snacks to sugar-loaded beverages and oftentimes even a regular supply of donuts or other baked goods.

There is never a more important time for proper nutrition than when dealing with a cancer diagnosis (either past or present). For patients wanting to better understand how to eat to promote healing during and after a diagnosis, Cassie Kremer is happy to help.