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Naturally Inspired Health

Our bodies were meant to thrive within a natural environment. They were designed with an innate ability to fight off infections, heal from injury, and self regulate when stressors or imbalances occurred.

Inspired Health through Functional MedicineIt's only been within a short window of our entire human existence where we have become so chemical dependent and chemically burdened. Not only has our toxic environment affected our health for the worse but our highly processed and modified food selection has also contributed to chronic inflammation and nutrient depletion.

Our unmanaged modern day stressors drive our adrenals to become chronically taxed and we develop hormone imbalances, poor immune function, digestive issues, compromised detoxification pathways and become more inflamed. Sure, our ancestors had stress. Stress of being eaten by a bear and having to briefly fend for their lives. Today, our stress levels and expectations creates a chronic form of stress in which our adrenals were just not created to keep up with.

Fatigue Depression Weight Gain Bend Oregon Wellness DoctorSo many of our current health conditions and symptoms such as IBS, depression, fatigue, weight gain and other markers of poor health are primarily associated with the environmental burden and lifestyle stressors. At some point, our genetic makeup typically finds it's breaking point and then we experience failure to thrive and disease.

Our bodies were developed with the innate ability to heal and repair itself. We have simply found the tipping point at which our bodies can no longer keep up with the list of modern day stressors, environmental impacts, and genetic susceptibility.

If you're sick and tired of feeling feeling sick and tired, and you're overwhelmed with where to start regarding getting your health back on track- Give us a call.