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Therapeutic Exercises

chiropractor bend oregon exercise and rehabilitation Welcome to the Get Moving page. This section of the website is designed to give you the tools and tips to start to train your body to be physically strong, balanced, and healthy. This page includes therapeutic exercises, stretches, demonstrations, and other helpful resources to get you on the right track.

This section is very new and Dr. Kremer is working hard at building a perfect database of proper exercise technique and is created as a guide for patients who are given specific rehabilitative exercises at Wellness Doctor.

Warning! These exercises and protocols were developed to assist with patient handouts of Dr. Kremer and the Wellness Doctor team. These educational videos are not intended for self diagnosis or treatment and may require professional guidance prior to performing.

Foam Rolling



Rehab Protocols

This section includes videos and tutorials on effective foam rolling techniques. Muscle/joint specific stretches with an emphasis on correct form. Specific exercise videos with focus on form and technique. Therapeutic exercise programs for your specific injury.