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Wellness Doctor's Whole Food 30 Day Challenge!

Bend Wellness

Are you ready to change your health? Perhaps you've decided its time to lose those few (or maybe not so few) extra pounds? Maybe you're ready to increase energy, decrease cravings, reduce inflammation and create an overall healthier lifestyle? Whatever your health goals, changing your diet is often the first step!

With Wellness Doctor's 30 Day Whole Food Challenge, contestants will all join at the start of the month and do the 30 Day Challenge together to promote accountability, unity, support and a healthy dose of competition! Contestants will be required to get measurements at our office* (please read note below for businesses interested in hosting this challenge at a workplace!) a few days prior to beginning the challenge as well as the final day(s) of the challenge. These measurements will include: Bioelectical Impedance Analysis to assess lean mass, fat mass, body water and Intracellular and Extracellular water levels (these are an excellent tool for assessing toxicity in the body) as well as Body Circumference Measurements and of course Progress Pictures. Whoever has made the most progress in 30 days will be awarded the *GRAND PRIZE* (see below).

This is NOT just a fat loss competition! Winner will be based on whoever has the greatest improvement in overall health which includes body fat and inches lost as well as water levels (those intracellular and extracellular water levels will tell us who had the greatest reduction in toxicity!).

Our first 30 Day Challenge kicks off March 1st 2021! Cassie Kremer will be taking measurements in the office the last week in February through March 1st.

Cost is $150 to join! This price includes starting and ending measurements and progress pictures, as well as daily support throughout the 30 Day Period!

Contestants will be invited join a private 30 Day Challenge Facebook Group which will provide snack and meal ideas, tips, home workout ideas, recipes and motivational support for the entire four weeks!

Now let's talk about that GRAND PRIZE!! The Grand Prize Winner will have their choice of either *2 FREE Massages and 3 FREE Sauna Sessions* at the Wellness Doctor Clinic or a *$150 Gift Certificate* redeemable on goods and services of choice at our office.

Now lets get to the most important part- The Diet (or shall we say "Lifestyle Change"). Our Whole Food Challenge is much like the popular Whole 30 Paleo Challenge. We Challenge you to 30 Days of eating only whole, unprocessed, anti-inflammatory, REAL FOOD. We recommend removing all grains, dairy, legumes, sugars and processed foods. This is an excellent opportunity for those who have never tried a basic elimination diet to see how they truly feel without the gluten, dairy and sugar in their life!

Bend Wellness

What can you eat!? Rather than focusing on what's going out of the diet, we recommend focusing on all of the wonderful foods that you CAN enjoy during these 4 weeks. We recommend contestants enjoy organic/grass fed meats, plenty of vegetables (this is a great opportunity to try some vegetables that you haven't had or don't eat often enough. Parsnips anybody?), some fruits, nuts and seeds and healthy fats from oils (avocado, olive and coconut being our faves). If you get stuck or need ideas we'll be here to guide, recommend, support and help you along the way!

Feeling nervous? Don't be! Over the course of the 4 week program Cassie Kremer will be sharing everything from Pizza Recipes to Rolls, Sushi and probably at least a few riced cauliflower variations! (You can even check out a few of these recipes below before getting started!).

Give us a call today to get started! Our first contest will run March 1-March 31st 2021!

*For local businesses interested in offering the 30 Day Challenge to employees Cassie Kremer can travel to your workplace to perform starting and ending measurements! Group rates available! Email Cassie at [email protected] for details!