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Grocery Store Tours

Cassie Kremer Grocery Store Tours for healthy living and dietary restrictions

In working with patients in our office we often come across those who seem to grasp the information while sitting face-to-face, but then become overwhelmed when making dietary decisions when in “the real world”. It is for this reason that we have developed our Grocery Store Tour program. When participating in a tour with our Nutritionist Cassie, you will be introduced to a plethora of exciting new foods and ingredients that will help add variety and excitement to your everyday diet.

Looking to get started on a Paleo, Ketogenic, Low FODMAP, or Gluten-Free diet and don't know how to start? Following an autoimmune protocol, managing diabetes, focusing on weight loss, or want to optimize your nutrition during cancer treatment? Cassie will give as much or as little guidance as needed.

Shopping Tours Offer:

  • Tips and ideas on how to use various grocery store items
  • Education on how to read food labels and what to look for before purchasing foods
  • Suggestions on where to shop for the best deals and highest quality goods
  • Recommendations for tasty and healthy foods to feed children and other family members
  • Tips on how to save money when trying to maintain a clean and healthy diet

In an effort to keep this program flexible and meet the needs of all of our clients, we offer this tour for individuals, families, and small groups. This can be a great opportunity for young parents to bring their children to the store to learn about proper nutrition or a fun experience for a group of friends to get together for an educational tour around their favorite grocery store. It can also be used as a nice escape for young moms who need advice on how to feed their families in this ever-changing world of new (and sometimes confusing) food options.

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Call our office today to schedule a grocery store tour with Cassie Kremer- 541-318-1000.