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Chili Sleep Systems

Every once in a while a product comes along that is too amazingly awesome to pass up! Of course being that you're browsing our website you know that we are passionate about all things health and wellness... this includes nutrition, movement, supplements, injury prevention and treatment, stress management and (possibly one of the most important) SLEEP. Speaking of sleep, did you know that between 10-30% of the population struggles with some form of sleep issue on a regular basis? Did you also know that quality sleep can affect/influence everything from our food choices (ever notice that you have a harder time making healthier choices when you're sleep deprived?) to our body's ability to heal, detox and think rationally! Getting quality sleep on a nightly basis is essential!

The Chilipad Sleep System isn't just another product that we're promoting because it looks cool or sounds good on paper- Dr. Kremer's wife, Cassie Kremer has a long history of sleep struggles. Over the years she's tried everything from acupuncture to melatonin and literally anything in between and nothing had lasting results. The Kremer's purchased their own sleep system to see if it would help and the results have been phenominal! This is the first product that the Kremer's have tried that seems to truly be working on multiple levels! We can't guarantee that you'll be as pleased with the Chilipad as the Kremer's have been but if you're not 100% satisfied the company has an awesome return policy. Use the following promo codes to get your own Chilipad (and save money in the process!)

Use codes: Chilipad20 for 20% off a full chiliPAD sleep system OOLER15 for 15% off a full OOLER sleep system OR chiliBLANKET10 for 10% off a full chiliBLANKET sleep system!