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Essentia Organic Memory Foam Matresses

Bend Wellness

Wondering what kind of mattress Dr. Kremer recommends and sleeps on at home? The entire Kremer household sleeps only on Essentia organic memory foam mattresses. Feel free to watch the videos below to learn more. Patients of Wellness Doctor will receive a minimum discount of 10% when ordering their own Essentia Mattress.

To visit the Essentia website Click Here and use Promo Code: WELL10 when ordering (additional promotional discounts may be available during certain times of the year). Don't wait to get better sleep!

Enter Promo Code: WELL10 for 10% Off

Essentia Mattresses are made from our exclusive Memory Foam which is clean and natural, as well as our organic latex, which allows our bodies to rest & heal instead of fighting toxins all night long, that are found in other foam & innerspring mattresses on the market today. Essentia Mattresses maintain proper musculoskeletal support, relieving and preventing back pain and spinal deterioration, while benefiting respiratory functions that are linked to the immune system.

Organic Mattress Bend Oregno

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