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Celiac Disease and Digestive Health

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Intestinal Health, Celiac Disease, IBD and IBS Specialists in Bend Oregon

It is estimated that over 25% of the US population suffers from some form of IBS. Until those with "IBS" are truly diagnosed with what the true cause is, most will only deal with worsening symptoms throughout their life. Dysbiosis, Candida, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth ( SIBO ), IBD, gluten sensitivity or Celiac Disease can be easily diagnosed and treated and are typically the "root causes" of IBS.

Did You Know

Celiac Disease is now considered the most common and underdiagnosed life-long disease in our country. With such a need for awareness in this area, the team at Wellness Doctor spends a great amount of time and effort educating the public and other healthcare practitioners of the significance of gluten related disorders. When it comes to educating the public, it is vital to understand the importance of avoiding gluten (found in wheat, barely, and rye) in those diagnosed as well as the crucial health benefits that come with testing each patient who displays a suspected sensitivity.

While a gluten-free diet is key in extinguishing the internal fire often caused by a gluten-related disorder, this is only the first step when it comes to healing the body. The gluten-free diet will help to put out that internal fire, but additional supplementation is required to actually heal the tissues and organs that have been damaged by ongoing gluten exposure.

For more information on Celiac and Non-Celiac Sensitivity Testing and Guidance- "Click Here"

We offer specialty lab testing in the areas of Serum, Breath, Urine or Stool testing looking at digestion, absorption, gut flora, metabolism, etc., Hormone and Thyroid testing, as well as Celiac and Food & Environmental Sensitivity testing. Figuring out what is causing poor health is essential for prescribing a specific diet and supplement regimen.