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A Physican's Resource for Optimizing LIFE!

While living in a world full of chemicals, chronic stressors, and processed & nutritionally depleted foods, there is so much confusion on how to optimally achieve a healthy life in such a toxic world.

With our modern day jobs, this brings a lack of sunlight, increasingly sedentary lifestlyles, and less direct exposure to the life giving electromagnetic field fo the earth.

Dr. Kremer and his wife Cassie have researched the best in nutitional supplements, infrared saunas, air purifiers, water filters, and even mattresses for lessening these burdens for themselves and their children. Their goal is to bring the best and most recent health information together with healthful recipes and other useful tools and hacks for the optimal approach to living a pain-free and disease-free life. Followed long term, this information and recommendations offer the benefits of "anti-aging" while naturally slowing the aging process.

Clinical-Grade Supplements

Clinical Grade supplements Bend Oregon

Physician Developed 30 Day Digestive Health Kit

Restorative Blends GI FIX

Sunlighten Infrared Saunas

Sunlighten Infrared Sauna Bend Oregon

Berkey Water Filters

Berkey Water Filter Bend Oregon

Austin Air Purifiers

Austin Air Purifier Bend Oregon

Essentia Organic Memory Foam Mattresses

Organic Essentia Mattresses Bend Oregon