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Natural Blood Pressure Reduction

Written By Dr. Jason Kremer on December 6, 2020

Blood Pressure And Probiotics

natural blood pressure reductionAt Wellness Doctor, we offer several different modalities regarding natural healthcare. Our Nutritionist can help those with a multitude of health concerns through diet and lifestyle changes. One area, regarding cardiovascular health, is blood pressure reduction through diet, lifestyle modification, and natural supplements. This blog simply points out the impact our gut health has on a healthy blood pressure.

Multiple studies have linked gut microbiota to hypertension (high blood pressure) in rodents through effects on the angiotensin II system, and by affecting the production of short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs). Recently, researchers reported that the gut flora may influence the effect of a high-salt diet on hypertension. They found that certain strains of the Lactobacillus species protected against the development of high blood pressure in rodents and humans, and that a high-salt diet reduced the number of these protective gut bacteria.

In a 2014 study by Saman Khalesi, he looked at the effects of probiotics on hypertension. Previous human clinical trials have shown that probiotic consumption may improve blood pressure (BP) control. The aim his systematic review was to clarify the effects of probiotics on BP using a meta-analysis of randomized, controlled trials. Meta-analysis using a random-effects model was chosen to analyze the impact of combined trials. Nine trials were included. The outcomes are as follows:

1) Probiotic consumption significantly changed systolic BP by −3.56 mmHg (95% confidence interval, −6.46 to −0.66) and diastolic BP by −2.38 mmHg (95% confidence interval, −2.38 to −0.93) compared with control groups.

2) Greater BP reduction was found with multiple as compared with single species of probiotics, for both systolic and diastolic BP.

3) Subgroup analysis of trials with baseline BP ≥130/85 mmHg compared with <130/85 mmHg found a more significant improvement in diastolic BP.

4) The present meta-analysis suggests that consuming probiotics may improve BP by a modest degree, with a potentially greater effect when baseline BP is elevated, multiple species of probiotics are consumed, the duration of intervention is ≥8 weeks, or daily consumption dose is ≥1011 colony-forming units (cfu).

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